Hello! This is my first blog post EVER. I am sitting here and reflecting on why I am doing this. Creating a lifestyle blog has become a passion project for me. Right now, I am trying to find a balance in life between being a wife of a professional hockey player, a mom to a 16 month-old boy, and just being my 30-year-old self!

Currently, I am living in Toronto and Shanghai. Life is crazy, chaotic, and fun all at once! When I get the chance to work I’m an office manager, a yoga instructor, and an event planner.  Ever since becoming a wifey, I have slowed down my workload to travel with my husband for his career. We have been fortunate to live in some very cool places: Zagreb (Croatia,) Berlin (Germany), and Shanghai (China) so far. We have also travelled to many other amazing cities/countries in between. As if this expat life isn’t crazy enough, throw a baby into the mix and it becomes really fun! The last 16 months have been the most incredible and challenging of our lives. Not only was I learning the ropes of becoming a new mom with the sleepless nights, engorged breasts, and that “fourth trimester” stage… I moved to Berlin, Germany with a 5 week old baby (and our French Bulldog, Arnold).

I am grateful for these life experiences. I have learned so much about myself along the way. Luckily, I have an extremely supportive husband and family!

Enough about myself! I am so thrilled you found my blog. Please stay tuned as a resource for wellness, beauty, fitness, mommy things, and my adventures.